• Bibliographical research;
  • Bookbinding;
  • Copy-scanning, printing, photographing;
  • Digitalization of audio-visual materials;

Regular programs

  • Orbán Balázs photo club;
  • Book club;
  • Lullaby –Baby-mother club;
  • Movie club;
  • Youth photography club;

Cultural events

  • Days of Hungarian Culture: 22nd of January;
  • Bálint Day Balassi Festival: 14th of February;
  • International Day of Mother Language: 21st of February;
  • Children’s Art Exposition; 15th of March
  • International Librarian Day; 22nd of April
  • Tré Courts – International Very Short Film Festival;
  • Odorheiu Secuiesc (Székelyudvarhely) Spring-May;
  • Saint Stephan’s Day events: 20th of April;
  • Library Open Nights: last Friday of August
  • Hungarian Folk Tales Day- 30th of September;
  • Filmtettfest- Transylvanian Hungarian film festival;
  • Hungarian Science Day:- 3rd of November;
  • Christmas Festivities: 20-25 December;
  • Art expositions;
  • Reeder-Writer meetings;
  • Book presentations.